The staff members at the Biopolymers Facility include a team of expertly trained technicians, support personnel and our facility director. Each core unit at the BPF has a lead team member in charge of protocol design, equipment maintenance, and troubleshooting. We also have our own in-house IT support and bioinformatics.

Director of the Biopolymers Facility

Robert Steen

Phone: 617-432-7480

Staff Members at the Biopolymers Facility

James Caffery

Reagents & Supplies Program Manager
Stock Room, Self-Service Supply Center, Oligo Program
Phone: 617-432-6805

Ashley Ciulla

Next-Generation Sequencing Core Technician
HiSeq 2500, NGS Library Prep, QiaCube, BioAnalyzer/Tape Stations
Phone: 617-432-7481

Suefen Cuti

Software Engineer
Website, Computing
Phone: 617-432-6803

Lori Castrillo

Financial Manager
Accounts, Finance
Phone: 617-432-7480

Baldwin Dilone

Next-Generation Sequencing Core Technician
NextSeq 500, MiSeq, NGS QC, 10X Chromium, QPCR
Phone: 617-432-7481